People Ethics

  1. To purchase, use and retail only products and services that are labelled fair trade! These must have the logo World Fair Trade Organization | Living Sanctuary Foundation | People Ethicspresent.
  2. To purchase, use and retail only products and services that support the well-being of customers and staff and the environment. This means no chemicals, toxins or synthetic materials allowed.
  3. To educate staff, customers and business who we purchase from, about our code of ethics, and how we sustain them.
  4. To only offer customers and staff products that are only labelled fair trade and vegan, that have no animal by products in them.
  5. To keep where all possible, our businesses local and support local farmers, producers, businesses and services. As long as they respect and honour our code of ethics.
    Understandably not all products/services can be purchased locally, but it’s a great starting ground.Hair Haven | People Ethics | Living Sanctuary Foundation
  6. To train, educate and offer information and services that will change the Hairdressing industry to become more environmentally friendly, sustainable and healthier for staff, customers and improve the quality of services and products.
  7. To pioneer a major change to the hairdressing industry and be the leaders in this change in improving salon environment, the health and well-being of staff and customers.
  8. To only offer products to purchase, use and retail that have proven health benefits to both staff and customers, as well as no environmental impact.
  9. To only offer fair trade, 100% certified organic tea and coffee, herbal teas and refreshments in salon for both staff and customers. This is not a compromise.
  10. To walk your talk. Lead by example and do not compromise anywhere! If it can’t be done or isn’t available then it will have to go by the wayside until such a time it is available. When you don’t compromise on integrity, it shows. Our customers will thank us for it.  We do not encourage second best, or inferior supplement products and or services.

~ The Sanctuary Blogger

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