Eco-Friendly Environmental Ethics

  1. To purchase, retail and use sustainable products/services only.
  2. To know where our products come from, right from the beginning of the production process and ensure we understand these processes.Eco-Friendly Environmental Ethics | Product Selection | A living sanctuary
  3. Make sure we understand the ingredients in our products and ask necessary questions, and do necessary research to find out what we do not know, or don’t understand about our products.
  4. Do not be afraid to ask our producers, farmers, wholesalers and manufacturers hard questions about their products that they are selling to us. We are on a need to know basis, they need to know this.
  5. Discuss our position on ethics and standards with our producers, farmers, wholesalers and manufacturers. If they are unaware, they can be educated and shown. If they don’t have the same ethics or standards as us, we find somewhere else to purchase our products.
  6. To support only local farmers, growers, artisans, craftsman, families and producers wherever possible who also uphold the same ethics you do.
  7. To purchase, retail and use only clean, organic, toxin and chemical free products.
  8. To purchase, retail and use products that are not tested on animals or that are not made from animal derived ingredients.
  9. To purchase, retail and use products that are Vegan-no animal by products.
  10. Reuse and recycle wherever possible, both in salon and your business offices.Eco-Friendly | Reduce Reuse Recycle
  11. Purchase, retail and use products that only use packaging that can be recycled. This includes packaging of the products for both retail, and bulk, wholesale use. Even offering a refill service.
  12. To teach our clients and customers to recycle their purchases, and the value of recycling on the environment.
  13. To teach our clients and customers the importance of looking after the environment, by not using harmful toxic chemicals and the like at home or in their workplaces.
  14. To teach our clients and customers the importance of using clean, chemical and toxin free products and when they are finished they provide no harm to the environment when disposed of.
  15. Recycle all aluminum foil that is used in salon for foiling services or find a sustainable eco-friendly alternative.
  16. To use only environmentally friendly cleaning products in salon and our business that are natural and free from chemicals and toxins.
  17. To use only eco-friendly furniture. Make the most of recycled/up cycled furniture (try Pintrest for great ideas). This includes flooring. Go for natural sustainable materials such as bamboo, wood, cork, granite, marble, stone finishes, flagstones, slate….
  18. To use only eco-friendly d├ęcor. VOC free(volatile organic compounds) paint, natural wood and fibres, materials and artworks. By not using synthetic materials such as: mdf’s, pvc, plastic and vinyls you are emitting toxic fumes from our salons.
  19. To use only eco-friendly equipment, that can be washed and re-used, repaired or sharpened. Energy efficient equipment no only is good for the hip pocket but also for the environment. Items such as energy smart light bulbs is a good idea too for saving energy. Eco friendly bamboo brushes and hair dryers is also an effective way to introduce eco-friendly products into our salons. These can then be disposed off in an easy natural manner. Ensuring all plumbing is working correctly, and fitting water saving devices is a good way to ensure no water gets wasted unnecessarily.
  20. Fit a water saving device to taps in the salon and at hair rinsing basins. Also fitting a water recycling system helps clean and filter the water, before re-using it again as rinse water only.
  21. Wash towels in eco-friendly, chemical free washing detergent, on a short machine cycles and hang on the line to dry only.
  22. To make sure all our conduct in salon or in our business is environmentally responsible, this includes using recycled paper, chemical free inks and dyes, recycled paper business cards, envelopes and stationery, and energy efficient technology wherever possible for the office and phone.

~ The Sanctuary Blogger

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