A Living Sanctuary - Our Vision

We behold the vision of a fresh, healthy world, connected to every human being and life force. One full of joy, vibrant health and happiness. Sharing in the abundance of all that Nature provides for us, thankful in what we have.

We will tread on a clean Earth, partake of wholesome produce and live pristine, healthy lives.

By upholding our honesty in our ethics, standards and practices, we shine the light of authenticity, teach those who so wish to walk in harmony with self and the environment and create the world in which we wish to live in.


“An Emissary – you who chose to go on a mission as a messenger, or a representative of
what you believe in your heart of hearts”http://www.thefreedictionary.com/emissary

As Emissaries for the environment, we strive to minimise our footprint on the Earth, living in harmony with nature, and being at one with the world.

We endeavour to mediate the concept of Heaven on Earth. This means, to us, seeking the wisdom of the Ancients who lived before us, applying their principles and knowledge, in our daily lives.

The Ancient tribes and indigenous peoples have lived off the land for millennia and shared their wisdom with generations who have successfully lived in accordance with Nature. Taking only what they need and respecting the environment and what it provides for us, to sustain our lives.

By being a pristine example to the world we lead the way to open one’s minds to their own conscience, and personal ethics.

Clean the earth with a living sanctuaryBy cleaning up the environment, chemical by chemical, we break free of the constraints of poisoning the mind, body and spirit. By eradicating toxins from our homes and workplaces we cleanse our world and create our own personal Living Sanctuaries.

By creating Holistic Hairdressing Havens, that are free from toxins, chemicals and unsustainable practices, we protect the welfare of employers, employees and customers, and share the benefits of a clean, natural environment.

As pioneers in the hairdressing industry we set an example of only using clean 100% organic products, that do not  pollute the human body, animals or the environment. Products that provide quality healing properties and enhance well-being.

We are striving to help you to understand the money you spend today will affect the world tomorrow, and we all have a choice in that. We aim to educate individuals, businesses and corporations that there are clean, natural alternatives available, that can be successfully used in the workplace without compromising on integrity or quality of products and services.

Our mission is one to facilitate in educating people to be the leaders for the change we want to see!